About TPN

We aim to leverage our long-standing presence in the region

Our Mission

We aim to leverage our long-standing presence in the region, helping Founders build the right foundations and network to achieve their milestones.

Who We Are?

We are a UAE based family office investment company, focused primarily on early stage VC opportunities across sectors in the UAE and wider region.
Through our investments, we want to work with exciting startups, as well as unique and talented Founders, and enjoy an active role in the development and growth of disruptive businesses.


Our ambition is to meet like-minded Founders with innovative go-to market strategies as well as product. The biggest factor in our decision-making is always the founding team.


How innovative, resourceful and resilient are you? We want to understand how you translate your vision to practice.


What are you aiming to achieve, and how? What do you understand about your market that others don’t? We are continuously growing our network within the ecosystem.

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